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  1. Hi, I am a private reading tutor in KY. My degree is in speech-language pathology. All of my training had been Orton-Gillingham based. I am very interested in SWI and more training, but just don’t know my first steps in changing my tutoring practice. Any advice?
    Also, my caseload is full. I noticed you offer online services now. Do you have any openings? I have a mother of a 6th grade girl who has contacted me and desperately needs intervention, but I am full. Thank you!


    • I would not recommend SWI tutoring without training. There is a fundamental shift from OG that can really only work well when trained in the underlying linguistic techniques. SWI is not a program the way that OG is usually sone with a program.
      It is much more about understanding and teaching the linguistic truth about the English language.

      There are several good sources for training, many online. These are the primary sources I would recommend, each with a unique perspective:
      Linguist Educator Exchange (LEX) at linguisteducatorexchange.com,
      Real Spelling at realspelling.fr
      Wordworks Kingston at
      I have learned something different and valuable from each of them. There is a lot of information on each of their websites as well.

      As for openings, I currently only have openings during the school day. If that’s a possibility, let me know. I promise that your eyes will be opened in an amazing way if you study with any of the above sources. Good luck, and let me know if you decide that SWI is right for you.


      • I have completed some on-line webinars which only introduced SWI. Those opened my eyes and really helped me, because I have always been frustrated when my OG tutored students progress in reading but lag behind in spelling. Thank you for the information regarding training! I would definitely not attempt switching to SWI on my own. Training is crucial, and I will definitely be pursuing it!
        As far as your openings during the day, will that schedule change over the summer? School will be ending here in a couple of weeks. If the student could begin with you this summer during the day, then it would give the parents time to work with the school to allow remote tutoring during her school day in the next school year…possibly.
        I really want to recommend someone trained in SWI. If you don’t think this possibility may work for you, do you know of any other reading tutors trained in SWI who are offering it remotely? Again, thanks so much for your time and assistance!


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